BinarySEC© Security as a Service


Hosted service security and acceleration of Web sites and applications

BinarySEC© Security as a Service is a platform administered and supervised in our datacenters. It offers protection and acceleration to your applications and Web sites without constraints.

  • Protection against attacks
  • Acceleration of content
  • Simplified management

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Protection against known and unknown attacks

BinarySEC© SaaS blocks all abnormal traffic on your website before it reaches your server and protects against data theft, deny of service, identity theft and new attacks from the web.

Ensure the safety and performance of your applications and Websites

BinarySEC© SaaS integrates acceleration of loading your web pages (20 to 100%) through BinarySEC Web Caching.

Graphic User Interface

BinarySEC provides access to a tool for visualization of real-time traffic.

  • Visualization of traffic and alerts
  • Statistics
  • users rights management

Receive a monthly activity report for your site

  • Statistics - visits, localization, origin...
  • Graphical Reporting - traffic distribution and the risk per site
  • Détails - Focus on the most dangerous attacks, the most targeted to your site

Key Benefits

Rapid deployment - BinarySEC© Web Security SaaS deploys in minutes without any disruption to your service.

Simplified management - You concentrate on your business, BinarySEC's team responsible for the security of your site.

Low cost of ownership - BinarySEC© SaaS is available as a subscription and requires no investment in hardware or software.

Customised offer - You get proposals adapted to your needs and monitoring customer and advice from our security experts.

A team at your service - Our team of experts supervises the security of your site on a daily basis. You stay informed about the status of your website at any time:

  • In case of unavailability of your website, BinarySEC alerts you immediately by email or by SMS using a monitoring system measuring the availability of each site that we protect in real time, 24/24 and 7 / 7.
  • If major problems, the team call you directly

The team is available from 8 am to 18 hours (GMT +4) Monday through Friday at +262 (0) 262 45 83 07

Monthly subscription includes:

  • Setting up your site on our platforms
  • Prior learning of normal traffic
  • Web traffic made secure (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Acceleration from 10% to over 200% !
  • Daily supervision of your site’s traffic
  • Access to our interface to monitor the traffic and statistics in real time
  • Monthly activity report including detailed statistics
  • Email and text alert if the site is unavailable
  • Telephone alert
  • As an option : load balancing and ‘failover’ for a server farm