Frequently Asked Questions about BinarySEC SaaS

BinarySEC SaaS, Security as a Service. Security solutions for the protection and acceleration of your sites and web applications.

What is S.a.a.S ?

S.a.a.S. : “Software as a Service” or software suggested as a service.

  • A computer program is installed on the platforms controlled by the editor of the software
  • The user reaches this program by Internet
  • The user is tenant of the program
  • The rent generally includes service: supervision, maintenance, configuration…
  • The pricing is done by subscription

What I risk?

The risks on your site (or a Web application) are many:

  • theft of confidential data;
  • "Recruitment" in a network of robots which will make it possible malevolent people to store shocking images, to make relay of spam, to lodge illegal shops on your site. Besides, your site risks to be quarantined by hosts and will not be accessible;
  • Make-up (very frequent, in particular on the homepage);
  • "Taking possession" to lead quite typical of illegal activity;
  • Unavailability...

What are the most of your offer?

The Security as a Service Model:

You can test our solution VERY easily for one month without ANY engagement. If you subscribe, we will take charge of the security application and the acceleration of your site and will propose you options (safeguard, high availability…)


BinarySEC conceived a unique and patented A.I technology able to “learn” the normal traffic which receives a web application and to reject all the abnormal traffic. The tool “learns” permanently the traffic and blocks the attacks. It is the most successful of the market.

Which are the benefits of SaaS mode?

  • No hardware
  • No software
  • No installation and no maintenance
  • Pricing by subscription and personalized
  • Weak and fixed cost so foreseeable
  • You have the benefit of an application with the minimum of constraints

What is Binarysec in Saas mode?

BinarySEC SaaS, Security as a Service

  • A security solution of your website as a service
  • A total solution based on the security of your applications and web sites
  • A hosted solution on our platforms managed and supervised by security experts.
  • BinarySEC SaaS blocks the threats of safety before they arrive on your network.

How does it work?

  1. The traffic of your website passes by our platform before arriving on your server
  2. The traffic is analyzed thanks to our engine of Artificial Intelligence
  3. The malicious requests are blocked
  4. The "cleaned" traffic is forwarded
  5. The traffic will benefit from our technology of web caching, the monitoring and will be monthly the object of reports of security and statistics
  6. Optional, we propose the high availability and the safeguard of your site

Am I concerned?

  • You have a website or a Web application (extranet for example)?
  • Your Web site is important for your activity?
  • You develop websites for your customers?
  • You host the sites of your customers?
  • The data on your site are important (customer’s data for example)?
  • The integrity and the availability of your site are important?
  • The performance of your site is important?
  • Your objective is to offer a fast and quality service in security and an environment always availed?/li>


Why would I need BinarySEC SaaS?

You wish:

  • To protect your site against the new attacks from the Web
  • To find a security solution adapted to your architecture and your budget
  • Not to spend time “to manage” security.
  • To improve the performance and the availability of your system

BinarySEC SaaS offers a unique solution with peace of mind.

What includes the SaaS solution?

  • The “basic” solution of BinarySEC SaaS includes the security and the acceleration of your web site.
  • The “management” of the security of your site is a recommended option
  • It includes management and the monthly activity report including detailed statistics also an alarm system (SMS or e-mail) if the web site is unavailable.
  • Options of high availability and safeguard are also proposed for your peace


Why acceleration in a security offer?

The security by BinarySEC SaaS implies that the traffic of your site passes initially by our platform before finishing on your web server. This turning can let think that the traffic will spend more time to arrive on the server. We developed a technology of acceleration of site.

In practice, we can accelerate from 10% to 100% to over 200%! We consider the availability and the performance are a natural extension of safety.

How to know if my site is now protected?

As a subscriber with BinarySEC SaaS, you receive a login and a password allowing you visualize in Real-time the traffic and the requests stopped on your website.

Moreover, you receive every month the activity report of your web site. So, you can visualize the different attacks which were blocked, information concerning all alarms.

You also receive the more general statistics of your site such as the number of visitors, their origin, etc

And even if there were a problem?

Our team of experts supervises the security of your site in a daily way. You stay informed constantly about the state of your website:

  • In the event of unavailability of your site, BinarySEC immediately warns you by email or SMS thanks to a system of monitoring in real-time measuring the availability of each site which we protect in real-time, 24/24 and 7/7.
  • In case of major problem, the team calls you directly

The team remains available 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT +4) of Monday at Friday to the +262 (0) 262 45 83 07

Why your offer it is personalized?

  • The pricing of BinarySEC SaaS is based on your traffic (primarily many pages seen and band-width)
  • The team of BinarySEC manages itself the supervision of alerts on your website
  • You can profit to the options of “High availability” provided thanks to load-balancing (burden-sharing) and “Safeguards” data of your site.
  • You profit to propositions adapted to your needs and a privileged follow-up customer and security advice of our experts.