Web Hosting Companies

The juxtaposition of sites with varying degrees of development, hosted on the same machines, increases the risks of attacks. The most vulnerable site becomes the ‘weakest link’ and determines the overall security level.

Public Sector

Service to end-users increase in value and number, 'e-administration' services enable to declare and pay taxes, to make varied on-line declarations, to retrieve forms and documents, to obtain information, ... mainly use web technologies.

Service sector

Service sector is of paramount importance in modern economies. Web architectures progressively dominate in these industries. In bank and insurance lines of business, these technologies are being adopted but are increasing exposure.


Potential frauds are numerous : data theft, transaction fraud, for instance cookie manipulation to decrease purchase price, identity spoofing, credit card number theft, blackmail, defacement, fiscal fraud and evasion, money laundry, ... and of course spoofing, illegal hosting, relay... An e-commerce website is thus very EXPOSED !