Web Hosting Companies

You provide hosts for websites and you are concerned about satisfying your customers’ needs by providing them with a safe environment and high quality service.

You have set up security measures to protect your servers. These are able to counter network attacks but have limited capability for stopping application attacks.

You are exposed

The juxtaposition of sites with varying degrees of development, hosted on the same machines, increases the risks of attacks. The most vulnerable site becomes the ‘weakest link’ and determines the overall security level.

Consequently, e-commerce sites which handle goods, payment methods and personal data become the favourite targets of cyber-criminals.

With BinarySEC’s solution

  • Optimise both management and security
    Internet traffic is rapidly normalised thanks to our intelligent computing tool
  • Save money with no effort
    It is easy to calculate the return on your investment, which begins at the first attack
  • Provide your customers with added value
    Offer them a secure host, safe from application attacks.


  • the sharing of resources among hundreds of customers,
  • a service which does not involve deploying hardware or software to the customer’s site
  • Compliance with European directives governing obligations concerning data protection