The Cyber Threats

What are the threats on Web sites and applications? Vulnerabilities, weaknesses, risks and their consequences.

The development benefits of Web architectures are numerous and become vital to businesses.

But this opening of the information system exposed to Web attacks. These attacks can cause financial losses. They have legal consequences and impact on your brand. It is essential to secure Web feeds.

Vulnerabilities and weaknesses



  • Low quality of web development
  • Lack of control input
  • Limits of traditional security tools (Network Firewall, IDS, antivirus...)
  • Insecured Web protocols
  • ...
  • Theft of confidential data (credit card numbers...)
  • Unavailability of your website
  • Makeup your homepage
  • Editing / Deleting Data
  • Unknowingly hosting of illegal files
  • Spams relay (you send spam without your knowledge)
  • ...