Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is combining symbolic information handling, namely data strings that might be dangerous and heuristic processing. The learning engine thus learns 'little-by-little' and takes into account previous acquisition to solve a problem.

BinarySEC uses strong AI engine as it takes into account previous mistakes in its behaviour. BinarySEC has 2 patents pending.

The BinarySEC AI engine first memorizes all incoming requests, then compares with request types (stored in the knowledge base), scores the new requests and updates its experience base.

BinarySEC uses Artificial Intelligence principles :

  • the knowledge base is an 'a priori' rule set
  • the experience base is built to record legitimate and suspicious behaviours (or character sets)
  • the inference engine derives answers from the knowledge base and enriches experience base. This engine uses 'forward chaining' as it starts with the available data and uses inference rules to extract more data. New conclusions are then added to initial facts