Why BinarySEC Security Hosted Service ?

BinarySEC SaaS enables you to guarantee the security and performance of your website while while staying concentrated on your activity.

The hosted service BinarySEC blocks known and unknown threats before they reach your network. Our team of experts manage all the tasks of maintenance and monitoring of your website. You stay informed of the availability of your services and receive a monthly activity report.

Quick and easy

The deployment is done in just a few minutes without interruption of your services. It requires no hardware or software. It provides a GUI and a 24/24h assistance.

Low cost of ownership

BinarySEC SaaS is available as a subscription and requires no investment in hardware, software or staff.

Real time visualization and reporting

You have access to the BinarySEC GUI and view the traffic on your site in real time. You can reclassify alerts and manage user rights. You receive a complete report of your website activity and statistics (visits, localization, browser, etc.)

Web Security SaaS

  • No hardware
  • No software
  • Simplified Management
  • Low TCO
  • Scalable Solution
  • Support and expert advices

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